Why Border Security is National Security

According to the U.S. Gov’t, anywhere between 15 – 20 million illegal aliens are unlawfully present in the United States. Many are here for economic reasons but a significant number are transnational criminals involved in drug & human smuggling, counterfeiting of goods, child pornography, money laundering and other crimes. In addition, the various international terror groups like the Islamic State remain steadfast in their desire to attack the United States through the Southwest border. We must also understand the linkage between transnational crime groups and terror groups and how they support and fund one another.  Each day in America, the U.S. Gov’t tracks dozens of would be terrorists around the world and in the U.S.


Border security is national security and we must strengthen our defenses to include building a border wall. We must not compromise our ability to protect our homeland for any political reasons. Our existence is truly at stake.