From international speaking engagements to media appearances and more, audiences are being turned on to a ‘Switched On’ life! Author of Switched On — The Heart & Mind of A Special Agent, Eric Caron shares life-changing knowledge and instruction gleaned from his 25 years of honorable service as a distinguished Special Agent and Diplomat for the U.S. Government.



How to Live a “Switched On” Life:

The Core Principles… The Coat of Armor

Life-Saving Tips: 5 to Survive:

No Matter Where You Play or Pray… Get “Switched On”

The Art of Fighting Without Fighting:

“Switched On—Street Smart”

Eric shares life-changing thoughts on…

“Train the mind…the body will follow. If you don’t, potentially you could die.”

“If I didn’t live a ‘Switched On’ life (SOL)… I’d be dead!”

“When life meets death, destruction, and darkness… if you’re living a SOL, you’ll still see a path leading to greatness.”


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INTERPOL Citation:

Operation Pink Panther

U.S. Attorney General’s Award:

“Endeavors in furthering the interest of U.S. National Security”

Senior Positions

Homeland Security & INTERPOL

Worldwide Covert Operations

Iran, China, Russia’s illegal acquisition of weapons of mass destruction, human trafficking, child pornography, terrorism, money laundering & drug smuggling

Eric’s first book, Switched On — The Heart & Mind of A Special Agent, is a must-read glimpse behind the badge. Featuring his life’s journey with a degree of realism, raw emotions, and the essence of life as an agent protecting America, it will leave you stunned.

“Eric’s simple philosophy about awareness can change lives, both in the blink of an eye in a moment of potential crisis and over the course of one’s life. He will help you make the right decision, leading to greater personal and spiritual fulfillment.”

– Honorable Ronald K. Noble, INTERPOL Secretary General, 2000-14

Appearances at…

Plus, various religious and civic groups

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