The name has been redacted for privacy reasons, but I wanted to share this email I received from a fan of the book.

So the book….

Man, it had my emotions going in every direction, being born and raised in New Bedford. From the stories of your childhood /your family, the effect the losses of your father, brother had on you. PTSD. The  “wicked good raid” was an eye opener and interesting. The book touched me personally and professionally.

Growing up in New Bedford and having some similarities in my life -the book was very moving. As I read some parts it brought me to tears. Not sure if you remember my sister (name redacted).  She graduated from Voke in (…) she also was my soulmate my best friend (she was murdered in (…) – killed by her…) something I’m still dealing with today .

Working in the Dept of (…) for 32 plus years – starting at age 19- I definitely had to be “switched on “or I wouldn’t of survived. I continued to be “switched on“ it’s engrained in me, and use it as I now patrol the beaches of (…).  (Anything can happen)

I love the SEE philosophy- I can relate it to my job as a (title redacted) and in life in general. If it wasn’t for the gym, sleep and diet I wouldn’t of had 33 productive years in the (dept redacted). Mentally/Emotionally etc – it was/is my life jacket.

PTSD is a big issue in LEO. My wife clearly thinks I’m a victim of it, which I tend to agree. (She’s a LICSW I met in prison) Over the years several Ma (dept redacted) have committed suicide, some good friends.

My best friend recently killed himself – (name redacted), You might of known him… I’m still devastated by his loss, still hard for me to digest.

– it was a great read, very moving for me… proud to know this kid from New Beige wrote it. Thanks for sharing your experiences as Federal Agent and life experiences.

Oh ,also a little jealous, I always wanted to be a federal agent 🙂 Take care